Confusion as This Morning leaves kids hearing Peppa Pig’s voice

But they couldn't see her

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Children all over the country were left confused and upset today after the latest episode of This Morning.

However it’s not quite as sinister or mysterious as it sounds, as those voices were Peppa Pig and her mum!

The two actresses who provide the voices for the hugely popular kids show were appearing on the programme, in their normal human guise.

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Promoting the upcoming Peppa Pig movie, 15-year-old Harley Bird and comic actress Morwenna Banks were on the sofa to talk all things puddley and porcine.

But as Phillip Schofield and stand-in host Sarah Greene quizzed the pair and got them to demonstrate their vocal talents, it left lots of youngsters confused as they could HEAR Peppa and Mummy Pig, but couldn’t SEE them!

And it turned out that really wasn’t an easy thing for many mums and dads to have to explain. Taking to Twitter to share their frustration and amusement, one said: “My three year old is really confused… She can hear Peppa pig but can’t see her!” while another added: “Daughter very confused !! The voices are there but not the costumes!!!”

Teenager Harley has been playing the hugely-popular cartoon pig since she was five years old. “She has a four-year-old’s voice, so I have to change it,” she explained. “But I can switch from the two easily now.”

Harley and Morwenna both demonstrated the skills that fans will be able to see in the new movie version, Peppa Pig: My First Cinema Experience.

And despite making it all the way to the big screen, Morwenna – who has also starred in The Thick Of It, Skins and Absolutely – admitted she never thought the cartoon would be such a success.

“When I first saw the cartoons, I thought ‘this is never going to work. Who’s going to watch a pig in a dress?’” she laughed.

“But I do think there is something really special about this – it comes from a very true place.”

Morwenna’s real-life partner – comic David Baddiel – was clearly nervous that his other half was sharing the sofa with silver fox Phillip. He tweeted: “I am furious that Mummy Pig is presently on This Morning where she may end up in a one on one conversation with Philip Schofield.”

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