There is one outfit every royal MUST pack each time they travel…

Preparation, preparation, preparation!

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When it comes to packing for a trip away, we reckon the Duchess of Cambridge is just like the rest of us.

You know, she’ll chuck in some smart wear, some casual wear, a toiletry bag, a book or two, maybe even some special underwear…

But there’s one garment that she carries with her everywhere she goes that most of us just wouldn’t think of packing.

Especially on a trip to, say,  Magaluf.

Whenever the Duchess of Cambridge is away she always packs a black mourning outfit (Credit: FameFlyNet)

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In fact, it’s not just Catherine who has to carry this particular item of clothing.

The whole royal household do.

No, it’s not sunglasses or swimming costumes, it’s a black mourning outfit.

Yes, whenever a member of royalty is on a trip, they will always have a handy mourning outfit to hand just in case one of the family dies while they are away.

If, for example, the Queen were to pass, members of the Royal family would be expected to wear black to show their respect as part of normal protocol.

All the royal household carry mourning outfits with them when they are away just in case of a sudden death (Credit: FameFlyNet)

For example, when Diana’s father, Lord Spencer passed away in 1992, the family were on a ski holiday in the Alps.

However they all wore black for the return journey to the UK, having had appropriate outfits packed.

When her father died, The Queen had no mourning outfit with her and was issued a photo ban until she and Phillip were wearing them (Credit: ITV)

Of course, there have been times when the royal family have not been prepared for a death in the family.

When George VI died in February 1952, the young Queen and Prince Philip, who were on a Kenyan safari, issued a photo ban until they were dressed in their mourning outfits.

So you can see why it is such a good idea to over pack the royals’ luggage.

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You just never know when you might need a certain garment.

And who cares about how heavy the suitcase is?

It’s not like Catherine or William will be lugging that big old thing across an airport is it?

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