The Voice intruder claims he was almost choked to death by security

The DJ has even said he wants an apology from Emma Willis for treating him "like a criminal"

London-based DJ Dr A.C has revealed he was the stage invader during the finale of The Voice UK.

The wannabe rapper shocked viewers as he jumped up on stage waving a piece of paper in front of the cameras.

But it wasn’t long before ITV security whisked him off stage to allow the show to carry on.

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Now the young musician has claimed he was almost “choked to death” and has even reported the incident to police.

Writing on Twitter he wrote: “#CreativeismMovement The Security of @ITV almost choked me to death for wantin to show a few ideas – Big Media praises security! #TheVoiceUK.”

Clearly trying to make a name for himself he added: “#CreativeismMovement @itvlondon I am #TheVoiceUK Stage invader.

“And I was almost choked to death for holding a few ideas up by your security.”

In a series of tweets Dr A.C made it very clear he was taking this issue seriously and even referred to ITV as “the evil nazis”.

He wrote: “#CreativeismMovement The #EVIL #Nazis of @ITV must have learnt from #Hitler the way they murder independent thinkers. #TheVoiceUK #Einstein.”

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During an interview with The Sun’s Dan Wootton the DJ said: “Emma Willis, she should apologise for treating me like a criminal for wanting to express ideas.

“She left me in the hands of the security who literally chopped me to death. What if I had died? What would she have said?

“She treated me like a criminal for holding up ideas. How can she be so insensitive?”

The dramatic incident happened on Sunday night.

As the then mystery man casually walked up on stage security managed to defuse the chaos and remove him immediately.

Despite the commotion the show carried on as normal and contestant Mo went on to become champion of the competition.

Speaking about his victory Mo, 21, said: “I’m really relieved, really happy. The whole experience was amazing.”

Um, maybe not the “whole” of it!

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