The unlikely use flight attendants have for sanitary towels on planes

Are you a clumsy type when travelling by plane? Then do we have a life hack for you...

It isn’t all that easy to quickly pop out for some bits and bobs when you’re flying at 31,000 feet in the air.

So if flight attendants need something in a hurry – especially on long haul flights – they have to be pretty resourceful.

With cabin space at a premium too, there isn’t a mass of space available to store a solution for every problem, either.

And so that resourcefulness can prove very handy if and when a passenger is upset by turbulence and spills a drink or a reheated in-flight meal all down themselves.

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But according the NY Post, there is a fun-sized quick fix to ensure clothes don’t get ruined in such a situation.

An air hostess named Emily Witkop told the site that flight professionals have the know-how to prevent such stains soaking in until the plane reaches its destination.

And apparently all it requires is the use of a hygiene product often to be found in many ladies’ handbags: a sanitary towel.

Witkop is reported to have said: “One trick is not only to use the ever-handy club soda to lift the stain but to put in on a sanitary napkin to blot the stain.”

‘No sir, I’m afraid there isn’t a dry cleaning service… even in First Class’ (Credit: Instagram @souravmishraphoto /

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But the real beauty of using a sanitary towel to mop up an errant drink comes with how they absorb without leaving residue on clothing, as can happen with napkins or tissues.

However, she also admits not every passenger is necessarily sold on the makeshift approach.

“You must use good judgement on who you offer this solution to,” Witkop said.

“They will either love it or be absolutely horrified.”

So is this what the wings are really for?

What would you do? Maybe just lick your thumb and rub on the stain? Yes, us too probably.

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