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Saturday 18th January 2020

The UK towns where you're most likely to be cheated on

And the top reasons why...

Nothing hurts quite like discovering the person you love and trust most in the world has cheated on you.

Some people never fully recover from the humiliation and betrayal.

But deception of one’s other half is rife, with one in 10 people admitting to having cheated on their current partner.

Cheating destroys hearts... and make-up! (Credit: Pexels)

A further 16 per cent of people admit their head has been turned by someone else, even when they haven’t actually acted on their feelings.

Shockingly, one in 20 people admit to being more loyal to their phone network than their other half!

Nothing breaks like a heart! (Credit: Pexels)

And where in the country are cheats more prolific?

Well, residents of Birmingham, York and London might want to be on their guard...

  1. Birmingham – 16%
  2. York – 16%
  3. London – 16%
  4. Sheffield – 14%
  5. Norwich – 13%
  6. Belfast – 12%
  7. Liverpool – 11%
  8. Southampton – 11%
  9. Cardiff – 11%
  10. Manchester – 10%

The survey, carried out by iD Mobile, also revealed a Top Ten of reasons that people are unfaithful…

Boredom leads to straying (Credit: Pexels)

Number one excuse - let's call a spade a spade here - is being bored in the relationship (leave it, then?!).

The second most common is feeling unloved or neglected by their partner (try communicating it?!).

Third is being drunk.

  1. Bored in the relationship
  2. Feeling unloved or neglected by their partner
  3. They were drunk
  4. Had grown apart from partner
  5. Fell in love with someone else
  6. They were hit on by someone else
  7. It was a momentary lapse of judgement
  8. No longer attracted to partner
  9. Took relationship for granted
  10. Missed the novelty of being with someone new
1D Mobile has launched the campaign #BeUnfaithful, which is encouraging people to be disloyal and dump their current mobile network.

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