The Replacement has viewers seriously freaked out

Who's the crazy one - Ellen or Paula?

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Psychological drama The Replacement on BBC1 has fans completely gripped.

But after last night’s second instalment, they were also really unnerved after the dinner party showdown that ended the episode.

The story sees Ellen (Morven Christie) go off on maternity leave and Paula (Vicky McClure) arrive to cover her job at an architects firm.

Ellen has slowly become more and more emotional and obsessed with the idea that Paula is trying to steal her life – despite everyone else around her believing she’s the one with the problem.

And now Ellen’s boss and friend Kay is dead, Ellen’s determined to prove Paula killed her

As Ellen and Paula sat down with their husbands for an incredibly tense dinner party, fans were having to watch from behind sofa cushions because they were so scared!

A steely eyed Paula faced down a determined Ellen and asked:

“Why don’t you just leave me alone?”

To which Ellen replied, she was going to find out what she was hiding and there was no way Paula would get away with her crimes.

But Paula wasn’t interested in her vendetta and told her: “Leave it alone”, with the threat of what would happen if she didn’t hanging between them.

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The acting between the two women was superb and viewers were left unable to sleep after watching the gripping scenes.

Taking to Twitter, Kirsty Coaker said:

“Oh my god just clicked on #TheReplacement hashtag. Actually scared about what’s coming in the next ep….”

And Martin Slade agreed: “The Replacement, part 2. It gets scarier! Paula is your worst nightmare.”

“Still pondering & discussing #TheReplacement and trying to suss out what is going to happen. Truly gripping television drama”, tweeted Jill Stratton.

And Char added: “@Vicky_McClure truly haunting & thrilling in #TheReplacement I actually have a knot in my stomach watching. Can’t wait for next week”.

Pippa was “so nervous” she had to “keep pausing it”.

And Mairead Cameron said she was “totally freaked”.

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As Ellen continues her pursuit of the truth, is she really paranoid as everyone thinks?

Or is Paula the one with a dark secret and something to hide?

We’re not sure we can wait until next week to find out what’s REALLY going on!

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