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The REAL reason Coleen Rooney will never divorce Wayne

Sources claim this is why she’ll fight to make her marriage survive

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Coleen Rooney may feel hurt and humiliated after husband Wayne’s recent shenanigans with Laura Simpson, but don’t expect a divorce anytime soon.

Even though the patient WAG, who has endured scandals like this in the past, went as far as to remove her wedding ring this week, pals say that they expect Coleen to forgive Wayne for what he’s done.

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Friends say they expect Coleen to stand by her man after this recent scandal (Credit: Instagram)

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And it’s not just because he is a millionaire who is currently building the family a new lavish £20million ‘forever home’, that boasts a conservatory, pool complex, stables and more.

Nor is it about all the holidays she gets to have every year – nine in 2017 alone!

Coleen isn’t about material things, she makes her own money.

And it turns out she’ll stick by Wayne for a very important reason – she loves him and will fight to keep their marriage together.

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Coleen won’t leave Wayne because she loves him (credit: Instagram)

“She loves him,” one of Wayne’s mates told The Sun.

“But more than that, she loves family. Most of the time he’s a good husband and a hands on dad.

“Some years ago after one of his idiotic drunken sprees she gave him a big lecture and he asked if she wanted to call it a day.”

“She was forced to admit that divorce is not something she wanted to think about.”

Other pals say that splitting after nine years of marriage is something Coleen could just never consider.

Not only is she from a tight knit catholic family, but her family and Wayne’s are entwined.

Her brothers are not only mates with Wayne but business partners – he lent them a hand in the spinning fitness classes in Liverpool.

However, that doesn’t stop Coleen’s siblings from being angry with their brother-in-law for his latest actions.

“Her brothers are livid with Wayne right now,” another source told The Sun.

“They usually have a tight friendship, go on golf trips and chat all the time over WhatsApp about sport and gambling.

“So when Wayne messes up it leaves Joe and Anthony in really awkward positions.”

Coleen does everything around the house – Wayne can barely feed himself (Credit: Instagram)

Coleen is also wary of ditching her naughty hubby because she knows that without him he would seriously struggle.

Like many wives, she organises the food, bills, childcare – everything.

“When she goes away he slobs about with his mates playing FIFA on his computer,” a pal of the footballer has revealed.

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“He can barely feed himself properly.

“The washing machine is a complete enigma.

“Coleen is fiercely loyal and she is ruthlessly protective of her boys and want them to have a perfect childhood.”

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