Matt Baker Angellica Bell

The One Show’s Matt Baker comforts crying co-host Angellica Bell over family tragedy

She was overcome with emotion on the BBC show

The One Show’s Angellica Bell got a cuddle of support from co-host Matt Baker last night, when she became emotional during a discussion about dementia.

The TV presenter, 43, fought back tears recalling a relative’s battle with the cruel illness.

Vicky McClure The One Show
Vicky’s new TV show is about dementia (Credit: BBC)

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Line Of Duty’s Vicky McClure appeared on the BBC talk show (Wednesday 1 May) to promote her new documentary My Dementia Choir, which will explore the power of music in fighting the disease which affects 850,000 people in the UK.

Talking about the two-parter, Vicky revealed she has a close personal experience of dementia, having cared for her grandmother, Iris, who died from the disease in 2015.

During that time, and through her work with the Alzheimer’s Society, Vicky has witnessed first-hand how music therapy can transform the lives of dementia patients and their loved ones.

Matt Baker Angellica Bell
Matt tried to comfort Angellica as she became emotional (Credit: BBC)

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Fellow The One Show guest Greg Davies also revealed his own experience of dementia, admitting that he has a fond memory of his father singing a Frank Sinatra song even when he was suffering from the effects of vascular dementia.

Matt then added: “Talking of the families as well, what rings true and what you’ve been saying as well, Greg, is that for those that have the condition it’s the family where sometimes it’s so difficult.”

He then turned to Angellica and said: “And I know you’ve had a really difficult time, haven’t you, in losing your grandma.”

Matt Baker Angellica Bell
A hug a day keeps the blues away (Credit: BBC)

Angellica began talking, before welling up with tears, saying: “It was really hard because you have these people and they’re such a huge pivotal force in your life and then all of a sudden they just don’t see and that’s really hard to take.

“I got some hope from watching that thinking actually you know it’s a process for everyone to adjust to.”

As she spoke, her colleague leaned in and put his arm around her to offer his support on what was clearly a painful discussion for her.

One viewer was moved into tweeting, saying: “We all need a friend like Matt, giving Angellica a hug when she got upset. So lovely #TheOneShow.”

Another added: “So so tough. Just wanted to give you a big hug @angellicabell. Glad the lovely Matt Baker was there to support.”

While others sent Angellica a virtual-hug, one fan thought Matt was “patronising” rather than kind.

She said: “Just doesn’t seem very professional. Do you put your arm round the back of the sofa when sitting next to Matt? You don’t get them doing it on #bbcbreakfast.

“It feels kind of sexist and patronising. I know it isn’t meant like that, but doesn’t look right in 2019.”

Angellica, meanwhile, told her Twitter fans: “So lovely meeting @Vicky_McClure last night on @BBCTheOneShow – her new documentary #OurDementiaChoir starts tonight on @BBCOne at 8pm. See the joy and hope music can bring to somebody living with #dementia. Really had a huge impact on me. @OpenUniversity.”

Vicky McClure: My Dementia Choir starts tonight (Thursday 2 May) at 8pm.

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