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The nation’s favourite Christmas chocolates have been revealed and it’s an outrage

Food we just can't live without on Christmas day

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A nationwide survey via has revealed the food and drink the public can’t live without this Christmas.

The country manager for Amazon Fresh UK said: “Christmas just isn’t the same without your food and drink and we all know how easy it is to forget something in the rush to get ready for the festive season.”

Some foods are definitely prioritised more than others when it comes to Christmas Day.

Here are the nation’s essential Christmas foods that make it to the top of the shopping lists every year – including a rather controversial decision on festive chocolate boxes.

It wouldn’t be Christmas without these foods

In a recent survey the nation voted for their favourite Christmas foods and here are the results.

Our all time favourite food at Christmas is surprisingly roast potatoes.

Even though it’s a humble food, the public seem to not be able to imagine Christmas without it.

Following the roast potatoes with 60% of the public’s votes is the traditional turkey.

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The Christmas turkey only comes out once a year and it is certainly worth the wait.

The festive bird takes its rightful place in the centre on the dinner table and without it Christmas wouldn’t be the same.

In third place with 59% are the pigs in blankets.

Who doesn’t like to scoff as many pigs in blankets as they can at Christmas dinner?

The divine porky treats are a crucial part of the Christmas meal.

Quality Street is the nation's favourite Christmas chocolate
Quality Street is the nation’s favourite Christmas chocolate (Credit: Tesco)

The nation’s favourite Christmas chocolates

The public’s favourite Christmas chocolates have come as a rather big surprise.

The chocolates the public can’t have Christmas without is Quality Street with 36%.

Quality Street took eleventh place overall, with Cadbury Roses right behind them with 32% of the votes.

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Both Quality Streets and Cadbury Roses play an important role on Christmas Day and it wouldn’t be Christmas without them.

In sixteenth and seventeenth are Celebrations and Cadbury’s Heroes.

Chocolate coins also managed to make make the list with 18% of the public’s votes.

What is missing from the list?

After looking at the at list of favourites, people are all wondering the same thing.

Where is Toblerone?

The Toblerone is a key chocolate bar to celebrate the festive season.

Known for it’s distinctive shape, the Toblerone is one of the best chocolate bars of all time.

It’s a Christmas essential!

Also missing from the list is After Eights.

After Eights are the perfect treats to scoff at Christmas time.

They’ve been at the heart of the nation for decades and are the perfect chocolate to bring out on Christmas Day!

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