The most popular baby names of 2018 so far revealed

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Naming your newborn baby is – obviously – a big deal for all parents. You’re giving your child something they’ll be stuck with for the rest of their life.

What’s in a name? Everything! Some mums and dads decide as soon as they know they are expecting what their bundle of joy will be called – depending on gender, of course (mostly).

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Others prefer to wait until they have seen their little darling’s face to choose a moniker that ‘suits’. (Although, in this case, surely there would be many more Winstons…)

Some take weeks to decide!

Names go in and out of fashion, and it’s always fascinating to discover which are trending any given year.

Parenting website BabyCentre has released a list of the top choices for 2018 so far.

Want to know them? Course you do…

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To begin, the girls:

1. Emma 2. Olivia 3. Ava 4. Isabella 5. Sophia 6. Mia 7. Amelia 8. Harper 9. Charlotte 10. Mila

Classic name Emma is topping the list for a second year running so far. Olivia is coming in second… could this have anything to do with the popularity of Love Island – and its star Olivia Attwood?

Olivia Attwood has been a constant showbiz fixture this year (Credit: ITV)

In at number nine is Charlotte – the name, of course, of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s two-year-old daughter.

And now, the boys:

1. Liam 2. Noah 3. Logan 4. Oliver 5. Mason 6. Lucas 7. Ethan 8. Elijah 9. Aiden 10. James

Liam – of Irish origin – is leading the list here so far in 2018.

liampayne instagram
Is Liam Payne influencing parents? (Credit: Liam Payne Instagram)

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