The most dangerous location in Soapland REVEALED!

Well we'd rather stay on our couch

We all know that the streets, squares and villages in our favourite soaps are far from the quietest places to live.

You only have to walk five steps and you’re in danger of being mugged, hit by a falling plane, struck by down by a killer illness or burnt to a cinder in a fire.

But which of the our favourite soap locations is the most dangerous to live in?

We bet you really want to know, just in case by chance you get transported into your TV screens and have to navigate your way around the local area.

According to research – yes, someone’s actually bothered to work this out –  EastEnders is now officially TV’s most dangerous soap.

Albert Square is the most dangerous soap street to live in (Credit: BBC)

Apparently, there are a staggering 9.5 fires and break-ins per 100 people.

Which makes Albert Square even more dangerous to live in than the whole of London!

The research also reveals that The Queen Vic is the most dangerous building in soap – having endured nine break-ins and two fires in the last 10 years.

In second place came Hollyoaks – hardly surprising bearing in mind everyone and their long lost mother ends up being a serial killer at some point.

Hollyoaks is the second most dangerous place to live (Credit: C4)

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If you’re not murdered by some shadowy character then you could burn to a crisp in one of the 5.1 fires and break-ins!

If you did want to live in a safe neighbourhood, cosy Corrie is your best bet with just 2.8 incidents per 100 people per year.

Corrie is by the safest soap street (Credit: ITV)

However, the research by security experts ADT only took into account fires and break-ins, obviously ignoring crashing trams, serial killers, sex trafficking, beatings and murder.

Still best to avoid the country as Emmerdale is way more dangerous than Manchester, suffering 4.5 incidents per 100 people.

Emmerdale’s danger figures mirror those in real life – talk about accuracy (Credit: ITV)

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What’s most surprising is that that figure is an accurate reflection of the true situation in West Yorkshire, which has exactly the same crime rate.