The kids from Outnumbered look a lot different in tonight’s return!

Karen is now 15!

Sitcom favourite Outnumbered is returning on Boxing Day after a three-year hiatus, with the Brockman kids now all grown up.

The family, played by Hugh Dennis, Claire Skinner, Tyger Drew-Honey, Daniel Roche and Ramona Marquez, have reunited for the festive episode of the TV comedy.

The new, 40-minute episode is set on Boxing Day, when it also airs on BBC1.


Stuck in the family car, the Brockmans face all sorts of problems with everything from their car to their emotions and the Second World War as they try to take on a special mission for Grandad.

Tyger, 20, who plays oldest sibling Jake, said that doing the special was a “really nice surprise because I’d kind of accepted that what I’d done for the last eight years was kind of over”.

He said the show would not be stuck in the past, adding: “The comedy doesn’t have to remain the same. It just kind of evolves as everything else evolves.”

The Outnumbered gang before the kids grew up

Daniel, 17, returns as Ben, although is unrecognisable as the curly-haired schoolboy of the series in previous years.

He said he didn’t feel under pressure about returning to the spotlight and added it was “nice coming back for a little nostalgic screenshot”.

And Ramona, 15, said she has no qualms about getting back into character as Karen, stating: “We all know them very well, so it’s easy to get into their mindset.”