The ‘hidden message’ in the Queen’s Christmas speech

Very touching

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The Queen delivered a powerful message about overcoming differences in her address to the nation this afternoon.

But did you spot the hidden message?

Doubtless drowsy with a belly full of food and booze, you’d be forgiven for not.

The photo in shot (Credit: BBC)

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Royal expert Richard Fitzwilliams believes the black and white photo HRH chose to display on her desk had significance.

The black and white photo, which was taken in 1949, shows the then 23-year-old Princess Elizabeth with Philip and their baby son Prince Charles.

Richard told the Express: “This is a call for unity, empathy and togetherness at a time of national division. This year’s broadcast talks of ‘faith, family and friendship’.

“The photograph of the Prince when very young links with his 70th birthday this year and is also a reminder of the longevity of her reign as well as picturing her ‘strength and stay’, Prince Philip.

Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh,The Royal Windsor Cup Final 2018 at Guards Polo Club
A nod to Philip? (Credit: Splash)

“The Queen undertakes an extraordinary number of engagements at 92 and is determined never to abdicate as her uncle did.

“Indeed the divisions in today’s Britain which she appears to refer to in her speech make her presence as head of state and the whole nation’s undoubted trust in her so significant.

“We are in unstable and unpredictable times and the monarchy is especially significant as a symbol of national unity.

“She epitomises both and, as she pledged when she was 21, and reiterated in the year of her Diamond Jubilee, she will continue to serve with the dedication to duty we all admire as the world’s most high profile head of state who is a very precious symbol of continuity, especially at the moment.”

It’s believed the royals all gathered to watch the speech, like the rest of her majesty’s loyal servants.

The young royals on Christmas morning (Credit: Shutterstock)

It would be interesting to know what they made of her imploring the world to work on differences, given all those rumours about a rift among the young royals…

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