The Chase’s Jenny Ryan finally returns to the show

The Chaser has been away from the show for almost three weeks

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Chaser Jenny Ryan, aka The Vixen, has been absent from the quiz show for the past three weeks.

Some viewers were beginning to question whether she had quit – or been fired.

But, thankfully, the brain box made an almighty return to the show Wednesday teatime.

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And viewers were doubly impressed when the quizzer unexpectedly broke into song.

One wrote on Twitter: “Its great to see the lovely Jenny Ryan back, and the icing on the cake was hearing her sing. Well done “The Vixen” on #thechase.”

“Great start Jenny #thechase,” another said.

A third added: “Jenny is finally here! Took an extended break. #thechase.”

Fans saw The Vixen take on contestants Simon, Matt, Kelly and Julie.

But with only Kelly and Simon left in the final chase, in true Chaser style, the Vixen managed to knock them out of the game.

While most seemed thrillied to have The Vixen back,

On Twitter one wrote: “Urge… Jenny…. day ruined #thechase.”

And some weren’t wowed by her singing either.

“I didn’t know The Vixen couldn’t sing!.. #Thechase,” added another.

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One said: “@ITVChase The Vixen has a voice like a fox being ripped to shreds by hounds #thechase.”

Last month viewers were left speculating whether Jenny had left the show.

A fan wrote: “Where’s Jenny? She hasn’t been on #TheChase for a few weeks!”

Another added: “#TheChase has Jenny been sacked??”

The redhead addressed the rumours on Twitter by saying: “Scheduling is entirely out of my hands, I’m afraid. Sorry if you’ve been waiting for me to appear! #TheChase.”

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