The Chase’s Bradley Walsh snaps at contestant during game

Bradley broke into bizarre outburst during the show

Things got slightly awkward yesterday on The Chase after host Bradley Walsh snapped at a contestant.

Bradley, 56, is never shy of showing off his fun side and showcased his dancing and singing on the teatime show.

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Lee managed to bag £4,000 in the cash builder round and went face-to-face with Chaser Shaun Wallace, aka the Dark Destroyer.

But as Lee was asked who wrote the Fred Astaire classic song “Top Hat, White Tie and Tails” Bradley took it upon himself to show his tap dancing skills while humming along to the theme song.

Lee, who answered the question incorrectly, revealed he hadn’t ever heard the song.

But Bradley hit back: “I’ve just sung it for you!”

But the contestant was quick to praise the host on his “fabulous dancing”.

Lee went on to play in the final chase and alongside his other three teammates and managed to defeat the Dark Destroyer bagging a whopping £19,000 to share.

Viewers watching from home were thrilled for the team.

One wrote on Twitter: “Well done team, great turnaround #TheChase #gangofchase.”

“Good team effort on #TheChase today. Rosa was good on those pushbacks. Bad day for #thedarkdestroyer #gangofchase,” said another.

Others were quick to slate Chaser Shaun on his “awful” performance.

A fan wrote: “When Shaun applied for this job as a chaser did he cheat to get his place or what? #thechase.”

“Once again Shaun Wallace bottles the Chase. Needs his P45 #TheChase,” another added.

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A third tweeted: “The Dark Destroyer is an awful chaser #TheChase.”

In other news on The Chase contestant Ben was slammed by viewers for taking the minus offer.

It’s becoming an all-too-regular occurrence and yet again fans were not happy.

Ben decided to go low after being offered a whopping £44,000.

One viewer wrote: “Glad they lost if you encourage and even take the minus offer on #thechase you don’t even deserve to be on this show.”

“#TheChase another minus offer taker…don’t these people have any shame,” tweeted another.

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