The Chase viewers unhappy with contestant’s “unforgivable mistake”

Player Christine appeared to forget the main idea of the game

The Chase fans were shocked during last night’s episode after a player made the worst type of error when answering a question.

Poor Christine seemed to panic and forget she had to press the buzzer within a time period.

But viewers at home showed no sympathy for her.

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Going head-to-head with Chaser Paul Sinha, Christine was faced with the question: “Thalassaemia affects which of these?”

As the Chaser quickly chose his answer it looks like Christine forgot she actually needed to give her answer too.

She racked up a healthy £6,000 during the cash builder round and told host Bradley she wanted to use the money to buy a new land rover.

But her dreams were crushed after she was sadly knocked out of the game.

Once again viewers were left in disbelief over the player’s blunder.

One tweeted: “Running out of time is unforgivable #thechase.”

Another agreed: “Is this woman staring into space wake up lady #gangofchase #TheChase.”

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The ITV gameshow hit headlines again yesterday after a contestant was savaged on Twitter for taking a minus offer instead of £49,000.

Just hoping to make it back for the final round, the 27-year-old was pretty pleased to beat the Chaser with his minus £2,000 but his teammates didn’t look that impressed after racking up a healthy £11,000 beforehand.

One angry viewer wrote: “Taking the minus offer is like stealing money from your neighbour who’s worked hard to make your street better #TheChase.”

Another agreed: “I hate when people take the minus offer on #TheChase.”

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