The Chase viewers FURIOUS as contestant takes minus offer over £49K

Viewers branded the contestant a "disgrace"

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The Chase always seems to send viewers into a spin with its amusing blunders and contestant’s bizarre money decisions.

But in the latest show viewers couldn’t believe that one contestant took the minus offer over a potential £49,000.

The minus offer is never a popular decision, let’s face it.

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Matt, a London nurse, decided to play for minus £2,000 despite being offered a whopping £49K from the Chaser, Anne Hegerty, to take back to his team.

And of course viewers weren’t too happy.

The hopeful quizzers ended up playing for £9,000 meaning they would take home £3,000 each.

Matt appeared on the ITV gameshow with the hope of winning enough to buy a house with his husband.

Just hoping to make it back for the final round the 27-year-old was pretty pleased to beat the Chaser with his -£2,000 but his teammates didn’t look that impressed after racking up a healthy £11,000 beforehand.

As Matt announced his decision Bradley joked: “Ailsa’s face is a picture. Do not turn round whatever you do.”

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And once again Twitter was sent into commotion with multiple viewers labelling Matt a “disgrace” for taking the minus offer.

Another angrily wrote: “I hate when people take the minus offer on #TheChase.”

“Taking the minus offer is like stealing money from your neighbour who’s worked hard to make your street better #TheChase,” another said.

And they continued to get pretty irate.

Another added: “If someone I knew took the minus offer on the chase I would never speak to them again. #TheChase.”

“When they take the minus offer on #TheChase and turn around to look at their team mates,” one said sharing a hilarious meme.

There seems to be a growing number of contestants receiving social media backlash for taking the minus offer.

Just last year contestant Ciaran was savaged on Twitter after he took minus £15,000.

His teammates bagged a huge £54,000 but ended up playing for £39,000 – which is still a pretty healthy amount.

Viewers ended up “hating” Ciaran and branded him a “coward”.

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