The Chase 41,000

The Chase viewers criticise “fixed” Paul Sinha win as contestants are ‘cheated’ out of £41,000

Are the odds stacked in favour of the chaser?

The Chase fans have accused the show of foul play, after a team of hopefuls were ‘robbed’ of their £41,000 pot fund.

On Tuesday afternoon (26 February), Steev, Matt, Ali and Morwenna took on the chaser for thousands of pounds – but lost out at the last minute (or, rather, last second).

Bradley Walsh The Chase
Even Bradders was shocked by the final outcome (Credit: ITV)

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However, those watching at home believe the odds were unfairly stacked against them and were quick to call out the show for letting “the best team in ages” go home empty-handed.

Some believed Paul Sinha, aka The Sinnerman, was given easier questions, while others even threw shade at normally popular host Bradley Walsh for reading the chaser’s questions quicker…

Paul Sinha, The Sinnerman, The Chase
Did Paul Sinha get easier questions? (Credit: ITV)

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In an impressive episode, the four contestants all took on the chaser in the Final Chase – and had an outstanding £41,000 to play for.

However, despite coming “agonisingly” close, the quartet went home with nothing after Paul Sinha beat them by the skin of his teeth.

Before taking on the epic battle, The Sinnerman admitted it was “catchable” but that he would have to play “out of his skin” to reach that sum.

The Chase final chase paul sinha
Fans were on the side of the contestants (Credit: ITV)

After answering 13 correct answers “on the bounce”, Paul was eventually able to ‘steal’ the money from under the noses of the disappointed contestants who lost out on £10,250 each.

The Sinnerman told the group: “You deserved it. There’s not a lot more I can say about that. You played the game the best a team could have.

“That was my best performance in a final chase. Brilliantly played and you just deserved better.”

But fans weren’t being so gracious, and blasted the show for unfairly favouring the chaser.

One said: “Even I knew about 15 of those questions the chaser was given. A bit easy for him. #TheChase.”

Another agreed, saying: “Thought those were quite easy questions for the chaser.”

A third wrote: “How easy were those questions?! Hmmm #TheChase.”

One conspiracy theorist believes “the questions are always asked faster to the chasers than the contestants”, while another said: “Was it me or did Bradley read those questions slow as it was 41k?”

“The chaser got much easier questions than the team,” criticised another. “He didn’t have to press a buzzer and have his name called either. I think it’s unfair.”

“Fixed” blasted another.

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