The Chase viewers brand female contestant a “snake” and a “coward”

She did the unthinkable... Apparently!

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Hell hath no fury like The Chase viewers scorned – and this week was no exception when a teacher was labelled a “snake” and a “coward” for her actions on Tuesday (29 January).

The show started as per usual – with four people who had never met before taking on The Chaser.

The Chase contestants took on Vixen (Credit: ITV)

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Sam, Rema, Matthew and Jo were pitted against Vixen, otherwise known as brainiac Jenny Ryan.

So far so normal, until teacher Jo stepped forward for her 15 minutes of fame on the show.

And fans soon became enraged when the contestant committed one of the show’s biggest sins (according to fans) – taking the lower offer.

Teacher Jo lower offer The Chase
Teacher Jo accepted the lower offer on The Chase (Credit: ITV)

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The teacher was able to win £5,000 during a successful cash builder, but was then faced with three options – including a higher offer of £55,000 and a lower of £1,000.

And fans were seriously furious when she played it safe and took the lower offer in order to rejoin her fellow contestant Sam for the Final Chase.

One raged: “Definition of a snake – someone who takes the lower offer on The Chase #TheChase @ITVChase.”

“Sick of people going on The Chase and taking the low offer,” moaned another.

One said: “Don’t defend the low offer, it is trash.”

A third typed: “Sam may not want to judge Jo for taking the low offer… But the rest of us on Twitter will! #TheChase.”

Even one of Jo’s pupils got involved in the shaming, tweeting: “As if my Year 6 teacher just took the low offer on The Chase.”

Is it just us, or are you beginning to feel a bit sorry for Jo, too?

Sadly, despite going through to the Final Chase, Jo and environmental archaeologist Sam weren’t able to beat the Vixen and went home empty-handed.

The Chase
Be warned: Low offers on The Chase will be met with disdain (Credit: ITV)

Meanwhile, during the same episode yesterday, Vixen stunned host Bradley Walsh when she correctly answered what appeared to be an unfathomable question.

After failing to catch the first player on the ITV quiz show, Jenny then went up against the second contestant, retail consultant Rema.

During her round, she was asked: “Scientists have discovered that spraying what scent on camera traps is best for attracting jaguars?”

The possible answers listed were: raw meat, elephant dung or Calvin Klein’s Obsession.

Would you have guessed this answer correctly? (Credit: ITV)

While Rema got the answer wrong, Jenny got it correct leaving Bradley to exclaim: “You’re kidding me. How did you get that?”

For those wondering, the answer was the perfume!

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