The Chase viewers blast contestant over “dumb” answer

Host Bradley was baffled by the quizzer's answer

The Chase fans were in fits of laughter after a contestant, who was clearly a little under pressure, didn’t know the colour of The Statue of Liberty.

Contestant Shauna, who went head-to-head with Chaser Anne Hegerty, was certain the Statue of Liberty was pink.

But the iconic landmark is actually green.

Shauna didn’t know what colour The Statue of Liberty is (Credit: ITV)

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Presenter Bradley asked the player: “The Statue of Liberty is a pale shade of what colour?”

Shauna then had to choose from either pink, brown or green.

Without hesitation Shauna decided to go for pink.

Bradley looked slightly baffled as he asked the player: “Have you ever seen it up close?”

Viewers were shocked at her “dumb” answer (Credit: ITV)

To which Shauna said: “Isn’t it concrete? I was waiting for grey to come up.

“Pink is my favourite colour so that’s why I chose pink.”

Viewers weren’t impressed with Shauna’s answer with one ranting: “That woman is dumb! The Statue of Liberty is pink!? She’s colour blind… #TheChase.”

“Genuinely cannot believe that she said the Statue of Liberty is pink #TheChase,” another said.

A third tweeted: “Genuinely in shock that someone on #TheChase thought The Statue of Liberty is pink.”

“You signed up to a quiz show and think the statue of liberty is pink?? #TheChase,” a fourth added.

Another confused viewer wrote: “Statue of Liberty… Pink? What sort of answer was that #thechase.”

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Meanwhile on the game show Bradley, 56, cheekily clipped a contestant round the ear on a show earlier this week.

The host hit contestant Tom after he pushed the buzzer too soon.

As an excited Tom hit the buzzer Bradley jokingly swiped the player as he said: “I could penalise you for that.

Earlier this week Bradley hit a contestant for not following the rules (Credit: ITV)

“Going in too early when I haven’t finished the question… you can’t do that.”

“That’s what you’d get if I was your dad,” he added.

It’s good to have The Chase back!

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