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The Chase viewers certain Mark Labbett was ‘hustled’ by contestant

No one saw that coming

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Fans of The Chase are certain a wily contestant on tonight’s episode managed to hustle Mark Labbett as he made it back to his team with five figures.

The first of Wednesday’s (February 5 2020) contestants, Rob, performed poorly in his cash-builder round, getting just two questions right.

When he stepped up alongside host Bradley Walsh to face the chaser, Mark gave him a high offer of £22k.

Mark Labbett
The Beast was confident of his chances (Credit: ITV)

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As fans of the popular ITV game show will know, the chaser’s aim is to get rid of as many contestants as possible ahead of the final chase.

Therefore, those who perform badly in the cash-builder – and come across as weaker players – are normally offered tantalising high options in a bid to make them easy pray for the chaser.

During his turn Rob, after a lacklustre performance in the cash-builder, decided to go for the high.

the chase
Rob went for the high offer (Credit: ITV)

And, with a few answers he put down to lucky guesses, he managed to get them all right make it back to his team.

Viewers on Twitter were suspicious of his win, with some suggesting The Beast had been the victim of a hustle.

Mark has just been hustled.

One said: “The Beast 100% just got hustled #thechase.”

Another tweeted: “I think Mark has just been hustled #TheChase.”

A third wrote: “Rob? Getting back with the high offer? We’ve just witnessed the plot twist of the century #TheChase.”

the chase
Some think Rob might have intentionally performed poorly in the cash-builder (Credit: ITV)

Someone else said: “Rob gets two grand in the cash-builder, then gets all his questions right against the chaser. I’m calling a fix #thechase.”

A fifth put: “The bloke who’s just won the twenty two grand is either the biggest bull[bleeper], or the luckiest [bleep] ever on #TheChase.”


Others who thought it had been played fair and square simply congratulated Rob on “redeeming” himself.

“Well done, Rob, made up for that cash builder #TheChase,” said one.

“Brilliant Rob!” wrote another. “Well done #TheChase.”

Someone else tweeted: “Rob has definitely redeemed himself!”

Another viewer wrote: “#thechase well done Rob, completely redeemed yourself.”

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It is, of course, not unusual for contestants on The Chase to smash the main round after a poor cash-builder.

Last month, a PhD student named James managed to silence his naysayers by bringing back five-figures after a wobbly start.

He generated just £4k in his cash-builder and was mocked by viewers on Twitter, but went on to bring back an impressive £24k for his team.

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