Jenny Ryan

The Chase star Jenny Ryan demands Channel 4 ‘sort out’ blunder as it gives her a ‘headache’

The Vixen shared the error with her Twitter followers

The Chase star Jenny Ryan certainly knows her stuff when it comes to… well, just about everything.

So it didn’t take her long to spot a mistake that appeared on Channel 4’s catch-up service.

Jenny, 38, took to Twitter last night to point out the error, which she claimed was giving her a “stress headache”.

And no sooner was her tweet shared than fans of the brainbox began giving their own tuppence worth.

Jenny Ryan spots Channel 4 spelling mistake

Lancashire-born Jenny has been a chaser on the ITV game show since 2015, so there isn’t much that’s going to get past her.

Sure enough, when Channel 4’s streaming platform published a TV listing with both a spelling mistake AND a grammatical error, she was onto it in a flash.

The listing referred to Channel 4’s Royal Family-based comedy show as “The Winsdor’s”, and not The Windsors.

On top of that, the description for the show was cut off halfway through a sentence.

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Writing all in capitals, Jenny snorted: “SORT THIS OUT ASAP PLEASE @Channel4 @4oD. IT’S GIVING ME A STRESS HEADACHE.”

And a fair smattering of her 82,000 followers shared her pain.

Jenny was quick to pick up on Channel 4’s error (Credit: ITV)

What did The Vixen’s followers say?

One wrote: “ARGGGGHHHHH!!!!! Oh come on! It’s not rocket salad! #GrammarPolice.” 

Another remarked: “I just hate typos. They are everywhere.”

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And a third grumbled: “Sadly, this sort of thing is all too common, I’ve seen a number of similar examples on the BBC website – I know language is always changing, but some things are just WRONG!”

Mind you, Jenny does make mistakes of her own – as she admitted on the I’m A Celebrity spin-off show The Daily Drop earlier this week.

The Windsors stars Harry Enfield and Haydn Gwynne (Channel 4)

The brainy star confessed that she fell over while filming an upcoming episode of Supermarket Sweep – though luckily,producers cut the scene.

After watching a clip of the I’m a Celeb contestants ‘fessing up about their most embarrassing moments, Jenny told host Vick Hope: “I feel great empathy.

“I now know we’ve got something in common that we often trip over ourselves. I’ve hit the deck a few times.”

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