The Chase viewers in giggles over what contestants’ names spell out

Yet another funny coincidence on the game show

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The Chase have delivered yet another hilarious episode.

Viewers were tickled as two contestants’ names spelt out the name of a legendary pop star.

The two contestants, who were standing next to each other, were called Gloria and Gaynor.

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The show’s viewers immediately pointed out the amusing coincidence tweeting: “Gloria Gayner is a guest on The Chase.” [sic]

The contestants were joined by fellow quizzers Michael and Louise as they went head-to-head with Chaser Shaun Wallace.

Gaynor brought back £4,000 as brave Gloria attempted to bring a whopping £53,000 for the team.

They bagged £7,000 in the final round, but were defeated. They, er, didn’t survive then…

As viewers watched eagerly from home some tweeted their praise for heroic Gloria.

One wrote: “G’wan Gloria!!! #thechase.”

Amused by the contestant’s names one fan wrote: “Gloria Gaynor on The Chase tonight #TheChase.”

“#TheChase Gloria Gaynor as guest today? Well done,” another tweeted.

A third said: “Brilliant!! Gloria Gaynor on #TheChase.”

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This wasn’t the only time viewers have enjoyed a good laugh at contestants’ names.

Earlier this week a team featured four people named after characters in the comedy sitcom Friends.

The quizzers were called Rachael, Ross, Phoebe and Joe –  all major characters in the hit TV series. Yeah, we know, technically it’s Joey!

This sent Twitter into commotion and some fans were convinced the show bosses put the contestants together for a joke!

One wrote: “This is what the characters from Friends are up to now. Feel old yet? #TheChase.”

Another said: “Anyone else notice that the contestants had the same names as the characters in Friends?!? #TheChase.”

This is why we love the show!

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