The Chase host Bradley Walsh cheekily clips contestant round his ear for buzzing too soon

Don't mess with the Walshy!

Bradley Walsh hit a contestant on The Chase after not adhering to the rules of the show.

After a few weeks’ break, it looks like Bradley has become a lot tougher on his guests.

Contestant Tom was playing against Paul ‘Sinnerman’ Sinha on Tuesday’s show, when he pushed the buzzer too soon.

Bradley was not amused at Tom breaking the rules (Credit: ITV)

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Tom giggled like a naughty school kid, as Bradley reprimanded him for being too enthusiastic, and jokingly gave him a slap across the head!

“I could penalise you for that,” he told him. “Going in too early when I haven’t finished the question… you can’t do that.”

What a swipe!

“That’s what you’d get if I was your dad,” he said, telling him off.

Luckily, Tom still found it hilarious.

What’s more, his team made it through to the final round, and went home with a lovely £10,000.

Twitter users were all talking about him.

One told off Bradley for clipping his ear.

However, most were talking about Tom’s good looks!

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Maybe Bradley was just jealous?

Catch The Chase on ITV, weekdays at 5pm.

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