The Chase fans shocked as contestant gets question in his professional field of expertise wrong!

Ramman was clearly feeling the pressure

The Chase viewers were left stunned during yesterday’s show after a contestant, who is a software professional, gets a basic computer question wrong.

Rumman went head-to-head with Chaser Mark Labbett, aka The Beast.

Host Bradley Walsh was even left shocked after Runman embarrassingly failed to answer a simple tech question.

Ramman told Bradley he is a software professional (Credit: ITV)

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Telling viewers and Bradley a little bit about himself Rumman said: “I’m a businessman development executive in a software company in London.”

But during his cash builder round it seemed Rumman forget his computer knowledge.

Bradley, 57, asked the quizzer: “What’s the name of the pointer on the computer screen that’s controlled by the mouse?”

To which Rumman pulled a face as he was forced to pass the question.

Bradley was confused after Ramman failed to answer a simple computer question (Credit: ITV)

A baffled Bradley said: “That’s bad, that’s your thing!”

Rumman, who was clearly feeling the pressure, replied: “That’s shocking isn’t it.”

Viewers were also surprised by the player’s blunder.

One fan wrote on Twitter: “Works in IT and doesn’t know a cursor #TheChase.”

“#thechase Rahman is never going to live down that cursor question,” said another.

A third tweeted: “Bet he’s a curser after getting that wrong! #TheChase #GangOfChase.”

“Good grief, computer geek didn’t get cursor. Probably “too much competition” #GangOfChase #TheChase,” a fourth ranted.

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During Tuesday’s show presenter Brad was forced to tell of contestant Dave for breaking the rules – twice!

Dave was asked: “Which Russian writer said “Medicine is my lawful wife, and literature is my mistress.”

As he chose his answer he decided to tell the audience which answer he had gone for.

He said: “I’m going for Tolstoy.”

But this is obviously against the rules.

Contestant Dave broke the rules on Tuesday’s show (Credit: ITV)

An unimpressed Bradley said: “You’re not allowed to tell us what you’re going for.

“You can’t do any of that Dave.

“You’ve just got to press your button, that’s all you’ve got to do.”

But missing the instructions once again Dave pressed the button again.

Brad jumped in saying: “No, you don’t do it again.

“Why did you just push it when I told you not to do it again and then you did it?”

Oh we do love The Chase!

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