The Chase fans outraged as yet another contestant takes minus offer

It's never a popular choice

It’s becoming an all-too-regular occurrence: contestants taking the minus offer on The Chase.

We all know it doesn’t go down well with viewers, and contestant Ben is the latest quizzer to be slammed for going low.

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Actor Ben managed to bag a healthy £5,000 in the cash builder round and went on to face Chaser Paul Sinha, aka The Sinnerman.

But when offered a huge sum of £44,000 Ben decided to go low and take minus £2,000.

Talking to host Bradley Walsh the 32-year-old justified his reason: “£2,000 is a lot of money to an out of work actor. I’m going to take minus two.”

Fellow teammate Vera even encouraged Ben to take the minus offer in the hope of him making it back for the final chase.

She said: “You’ve got knowledge I haven’t got so I think we would make a good team.

“Even if you took the minus two we would still have £4,000.”

Bradley said: “Almost begging you that is!”

But fans of the show weren’t happy with the quizzer’s choice.

One wrote on Twitter: “Glad they lost if you encourage and even take the minus offer on #thechase you don’t even deserve to be on this show.”

“#TheChase another minus offer taker…don’t these people have any shame,” added another.

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Others were quick to praise the Chaser for defeating the team of two.

One said: “Well done Paul #thechase…I don’t like minus offer takers winning.”

A fourth tweeted: “I mean.. if you go on #TheChase and take the minus offer you’re just asking to get roasted on twitter.”

Another added: “When they take the minus offer on #TheChase,” followed by a gif.

Meanwhile on Tuesday The Chase viewers praised player Ali for beating Chaser Mark Labbett on her own.

We don’t normally see contestants go on to defeat the Chaser when flying solo.

But after Ali’s “incredible” performance she managed to beat The Beast and walk away with £5,000.

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