The Chase contestants

The Chase fans enraged as “thick” contestant does the unthinkable

Even she admitted she hadn't planned to do it!

The Chase fans needed a cold bath last night, when a contestant made their blood boil in rage!

Thursday’s (7 March) episode started as usual, when George, Rachel, Ollie and Pam arrived on set hoping to beat the chaser and win a cash prize.

Maybe go into hiding for a bit, Pam…? (Credit: ITV)

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But fans were soon hopping mad when Pam stepped up for her turn.

Pitted against The Vixen – aka Jenny Ryan – Pam infuriated those watching from home when she proceeded to PASS on a number of what they considered to be easy questions.

The medical receptionist only managed to get £2,000 in her cash builder after passing on at least three questions.

Pam described the round as “horrible” (Credit: ITV)

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Clearly as shellshocked as the viewers, Pam described her round as “horrible” before going on to do the unthinkable in the eyes of fans – taking the low offer!

She said: “I said I’d never do this, but I want to get back and be in the final with the others.”

Pam took The Vixen’s minus offer of £1,000, which meant the prize fund shrank to a meagre £6,000 and the three contestants left would get £2,000 each.

The contestants would have won £2,000 each (Credit: ITV)

And fans publicly lampooned the contestant for committing the biggest sin on The Chase.

One said: “What’s the point Pam? You’re wasting your time on here #thechase.”

Another wrote: “Pam takes a minus offer. Deal with her Vixen. #thechase.”

A third typed: “Minus, shame on you Pam! #TheChase.”

Others called Pam “thick”, “clueless” and a “loser”, while one blasted: “[Bleep] off home with your minus offer Pam! No guts, no glory! #TheChase.”

Pam was joined by RAF pilot George and apprentice mechanic Rachel for the Final Chase but, with a relatively low score of 14, Jenny easily caught them with 48 seconds remaining.

And the fact that Pam buzzed in to pass on a question didn’t fail to annoy the viewers further!

Oh Pam!

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