The Chase contestant slammed after getting EVERY question wrong

Viewers branded her the "worst contestant ever"

One contestant sent social media into a complete meltdown during yesterday’s show as she failed to answer any questions during the cash builder round.

Moir let the nerves get the better of her after passing on every question host Bradley asked her.

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Viewers were gobsmacked as time ran out and Moir hadn’t bagged any money.

Presenter Bradley was quick to reassure the Essex-born quizzer saying: “You knew about five of them! What happened there?”

Poor Moir admitted her performance was “absolutely awful” but fans of the show weren’t as supportive.

One wrote on Twitter: “Pass pass pass pass pass….JESUS CHRIST #thechase.”

“This woman on the chase is the reason why Essex has the reputation of being stupid #TheChase,” said another.

A third added: “Why do ppl who are rubbish at quizzes go on quiz programmes? #TheChase.”

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Moir then went head-to-head with Chaser Anne Hegerty after accepting her higher offer of £10,000.

But unfortunately the Governess knocked Moir out of the game.

This isn’t the only time a contestant’s performance has riled viewers.

Last week contestant Christine made an “unforgivable mistake” according to viewers.

Poor Christine seemed to panic and forget she had to press the buzzer within a time period.

When faced with a question Christine forgot she actually needed to give her answer too.

And unsurprisingly Christine was knocked out of the game.

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