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The Chase contestant mocked for accepting £50 offer after boasting £26k is ‘not much money’


Mark Labbett was forced to reprimand one of the contestants on The Chase tonight after she claimed his high offer wasn’t a particularly large amount of money.

During Wednesday’s (22.01.20) episode, contestant Andy had just finished his cash-builder round and stepped up to face The Beast.

He took £6,000 to the table, so Mark offered him £26k as the high option.

The Chase
The Beast put a high offer of £26k on the table for Andy (Credit: ITV)

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When host Bradley Walsh turned to Andy’s teammates to get their advice on what he should do, one response got The Beast riled up.

Ellie, from Hull, said: “I was going to say go for the high offer, but I don’t think it’s high enough so… just go for the £6,000 and come back.”

The Chase
Ellie said £26k wasn’t that high (Credit: ITV)

“Not high enough, says Ellie!” Brad said, stunned.

Before they started the chase, The Beast complained: “I’ve got to take issue with Ellie.

“£26k is not enough!? Some other tea-time quiz shows, you don’t see that much money in a season!”

Not high enough ffs!

Viewers at home threw their support behind Mark, with one on Twitter writing: “That’s Ellie told! Not high enough ffs! #TheChase.”

Another wrote: “Not high enough?! [bleep] off, I would offer her 1p just for that! #TheChase.”

A third demanded, “£26k is not enough? #TheChase” and shared a GIF that read, ‘Get the [bleep] out’.

Someone else said: “I was going to say the high offer but it’s not high enough. £26k isn’t high enough?”

When it came to Ellie’s turn to attempt the cash-builder round, she managed to get just one question right.

As a result, the Beast put forward a low offer of £50 – and she accepted it!

Viewers were stunned to see someone who thought £26k wasn’t that much money accept such a low offer.

“Me when Ellie says £26,000 isn’t good enough but then takes £50?” said one viewer alongside a confused GIF.

“26 grand isn’t high enough but I’ll take the 50 quid,” laughed another.

Someone else tweeted: “So Ellie says £26k is not enough but is okay with taking £50…”

One viewer tweeted, alongside a GIF of someone tripping over: “Ellie going back with 50 measly quid #TheChase.”

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“Genuinely don’t understand her logic…” said one another.

Another, gobsmacked, said: “She says an offer of £26k isn’t enough YET she takes £50!? #thechase.”

“£26k isn’t enough… takes £50 offer?!” echoed another.

The Chase airs weekdays at 5pm on ITV

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