The Chase contestant becomes a hero as he reveals plans for jackpot

Rail worker's banter had Bradley Walsh in hysterics

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A super-cute contestant from Essex had viewers of The Chase in a spin yesterday when he told host Bradley Walsh what he would do if he won the jackpot.

Danny, a railway maintenance worker who operates on the London Overground (the yellow line if you’re interested), said that he intended to spend the prize money on “looking at tulips and windmills and stuff” in Amsterdam with his mates.

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Bradley thought this was highly amusing and started laughing like a drain, and even had to rest his head on his podium as he simply couldn’t believe what Danny was saying.

“Brilliant,” Bradley gushed. “Have you been there before?”

“No I haven’t,” Danny replied. “That’s why I want to go and look at the tulips and windmills and stuff.”

Bradley appeared to find this the funniest thing he’d ever heard and continued to laugh like a maniac, even if the audience in the studio didn’t laugh quite as ferociously.

“Great. Off to The Dam with the lads,” Bradley replied, asking. “How many mates have you got to take?”

Danny said he was hoping to treat six or seven to the exciting trip but warned: “If any of them say they want to bring their missus it’s not going to happen so number might go down, number might go up. It’d be a nice little jolly up.”

Fans of the show on Twitter seem to think Danny was as much of a hoot as Bradley did and retweeted the clip 14,000 times, with comments such as, “Dude that guy on the chase is a legend lol I wanna go stare at the windmills and tulips killed me”.

Sadly, Danny’s plans to take his mates away on an unforgettable trip to Amsterdam were dashed when he failed to win the money in a battle with super-stern chaser Shaun Wallace, better known as the Dark Destroyer.

But even Shaun seemed to be rather taken with the Essex lad and heaped praise on him after he defeated him.

He said: “You’re a card, son. I’ll tell you what, I thoroughly enjoyed playing alongside you.

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“What a great character mate, bet your pals at work are thrilled with you. You must have a great time.”

Danny replied: “They’re going to be gutted they’re not going to Amsterdam though. But never mind. It’s been a good day out. I’ve enjoyed myself.”

Aww, what nice lad.

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