The biggest celebrity transformations of 2016

Not all of them were for the best...

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Let’s be honest, a lot has changed this year.

And for some people the changes have been so dramatic that we barely recognise the faces we know and love today from the ones they wore last Christmas.

So sit back and enjoy a moment of “omg” as we rate some of this year’s serious transformations.

1. Ed Balls

May as well start with our favourite! In just a few weeks of delicious television gold, he went from a non-descript suited politician to sparkles, flaming pianos and some serious on-stage pelvic thrusting in his journey through Strictly. Of course, he has now switched back again, but at least we will always have the memories.

2. Scarlett Moffatt 

It’s been a massive year for Scarlett who went from the Gogglebox jester to jungle queen, while shocking viewers with her impressive weight loss. She has become the national sweetheart of the screens and we can’t wait to see what she gets up to next…

3. Maisie Williams

The Game of Thrones child star has grown up a lot this past year. She has dazzled red carpets with some awesome outfits and rocked a daring blue hair colour as she turned her attention to new projects, including campaigning for the protection of dolphins in captivity.

4. Lady Gaga

Lady G appears to be well and truly out of that meet dress now. Her latest album saw her tone her image right down from telephone headdresses to an elegant pink hat and some signature shades, as she recently spoke about her personal past and became a spokesperson for mental health.

5. Renee Zellweger

She has been busy across the pond but we hadn’t heard much from her lately – until she brought her famous Bridget Jones back to the cinema. The long-haired, slimmer, much more stylish version was a little different to the Bridget we remember, but we didn’t love her any less for it.

6. Little Mix

The girl band came back with a new album and fierce new look this year, trading in their (relatively) conservative and colour-coordinated outfits for some seriously risque numbers. They hit back at criticism with a strong message about empowerment, confidence, and being able to wear whatever you want.

7. Tom Hiddleston

It was a sad day. Tom went from being the quintessentially suave British Bond-to-be, to starring as Taylor Swift’s arm-candy, kicking off his own wet t-shirt competition in their “candid” holiday snaps. But it wasn’t just any t-shirt, it was a vest, and it said “I heart T.S.” on it. Why, Tom? Why?

8. Miley Cyrus

Her clothes are back on and her hair is back long – at least for now. Now years after THAT twerking performance and flying about nude on a wrecking ball, she has been pushing forward with creative ideas for her Happy Hippie Foundation charity, generating huge attention for her live social media music sessions. One of her biggest campaigns this year included her staunch public support for Hilary Clinton in the US elections.

9. Lisa Riley

The Loose Women star and actor has to win the crown for one of the most impressive weight transformations of the year. The 40-year-old celebrated Christmas with a whole new style this year after dropping seven stone. Following a strict routine of healthy eating and dieting, she will be browsing the size 12 section of the January sales.