Gemma Collins 2020

The 10 times Gemma Collins captured the mood of the nation this year

What a year Gemma's had!

Gemma Collins has had yet another crazy, divatastic, rollercoaster of a year.

TV shows, podcasts and increased wealth meant she has had a successful 2020.

She has also received criticism in some quarters for endorsing weight loss injections and has suffered the heartbreak of a miscarriage.

But one thing’s for certain – The GC can be relied upon to capture the mood of the nation.

And here are 10 times she did exactly that, during a year none of us will forget in a hurry.

Gemma Collins 2020
Gemma Collins wanted to start the year in a healthy way (Credit: Hewitt /

1) When Gemma Collins went vegetarian

In early January 2020, the nation was readying itself to go an a massive post-Christmas diet.

Gemma also went on a health kick, and took to her Instagram Stories to tell fans that she was going vegetarian as part of a lifestyle change.

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“I’m doing this, this is the year of not eating meat, I don’t feel good,” she proclaimed.

“We are on a massive health kick in this house.”

It didn’t last.

Gemma Collins 2020
Gemma begged Adele for weight loss advice (Credit: YouTube)

2) Begging Adele for advice

Adele stunned the world with her amazing weight loss earlier in the year, and with many people struggling to shed the festive pounds, we all wanted to know how the Hello singer did it.

Gemma asked the question we were all secretly asking on her BBC podcast.

“I want to know Adele how you lost weight, was it being in love with Skepta?” she asked.

And she didn’t stop there: “Adele, please help a sister out here honey, I love your music, I’ve bought every album.”

Gemma Collins 2020
Gemma thought Love Island should be cancelled (Credit: Hewitt /

3) She called for Love Island to be cancelled

In February, the showbiz world was in shock when Caroline Flack had tragically taken her own life.

It was news that caused us all to look at ourselves, how we conduct our business on social media and ask questions about reality TV.

During this moment of introspection, Gemma also had her opinions.

“Maybe they should pull it off air,” she said. “They’ve had three people pass – it’s got a taint over it.”

Gemma Collins 2020
Gemma had some ‘interesting’ theories (Credit:

4) The lizard theory

Everyone was talking about the Royal Family this year, even more so after Prince Harry and Meghan Markle news.

Gemma had a unique theory about the Royals.

“My theory is, and this is a little bit weird… I believe there are lizards living amongst us,” she explained on TOWIE in February.

She went on to explain that she thought the Queen was one of those reptilian humanoids.

5) Partying in 2021

Gemma caught some flak when she continued to film for her ITVBe series during lockdown.

But, like the rest of us, she articulated perfectly what we intend to do in 2021 once things begin to calm down.

Sharing a throwback image of her and some pals in Mykonos, she said: “What I would give to dance in @jackieomykonos right now with my gang.”

“When this is over I’m going to party every day for the rest of my life.”

Gemma Collins, Diva On Lockdown
Gemma in Diva On Lockdown (Credit: ITV)

6) Lockdown saviour

The GC’s new series of Diva On Lockdown proved to be a big hit with ITVBe viewers.

During the mini-series Gemma was seen trying to make the best out of the lockdown, with some trademark GC moments.

One viewer said: “Just finished catching up on @missgemcollins Diva On Lockdown and it’s definitely cheered me up. God I love you. #DivaOnLockdown I suggest giving it a watch.”

“#DivaOnLockdown Gemma Collins is lockdown queen, our saviour,” another said.

She later demanded an OBE for entertaining the nation.

Gemma Collins 2020
Gemma was moved by the BLM movement (Credit:

7) Love and light

After the murder of George Floyd, many people around the globe re-examined their attitudes towards race.

And Gemma did the same, too.

Outrageous what I am seeing in the news this week.

As the Black Lives Matter movement gained momentum, Gemma said: “Outrageous what I am seeing in the news this week.

“It must STOP NOW. We must spread love and light.”


Gemma Collins
Screengrab from Gemma Collins’ Instagram

8) The hangover

When the first lockdown finally lifted, Gemma – like many of us –  headed out to enjoy herself again.

But after one too many lychee Martinis at Roka in Soho, she confessed she had to walk off her hangover the next day.

“Had fun yesterday but had to walk off the hangover this morning!!!” she said.

“Staying in is the NEW going out!!”

Gemma Collins 2020
Gemma said she could do better (Credit:  Martin Evans /

9) Move over Boris!

With more and more people becoming disenchanted with Prime Minister Boris Johnson, Gemma had her own solution.

She said that if she was Prime Minister, she “would definitely make things a lot more fun”.

“I think my ideal future is that everyone could have endless money, so everyone could have whatever they want,” she said on her podcast.

“Sunshine every day, ice creams for free, everyone has to have a swimming pool – a bog standard necessity – we’d only work three days a week and then you could party the rest and you still got the same salary.”

Later in the year, she admitted “fancying” Mr Johnson after his post-coronavirus weight loss.

10) It’s Chriiiiistmas!

Everyone was determined to have some fun (albeit socially-distanced) this Christmas.

And Gemma was also determined to be at the forefront of putting smiles on people’s faces.

First, she launched her own ‘diva’ 2021 calendar.

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Then she released a new charity Christmas song with former Celebrity Big Brother housemate Darren Day.

It’s a version of classic festive hit, Baby It’s Cold Outside.

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