“That’s never Chezza!”: Fans shocked at Cheryl’s new look

Apparently Cheryl looks more like herself with a bunny filter than with a hair colour change...

When we change our hair, the most we can expect is a “yeah, it’s alright” even when we’ve walked into a room swishing it from side to side, flicking it and hinting heavily for some attention.

But Cheryl isn’t us.

And whatever she does – even more so since she had baby Bear in March this year – she gets a crazy amount of attention for.

Cheryl’s new blonde do has sent fans into a frenzy (Credit: Instagram/@cherylofficial)

So posting a shot of her new blonde hair all swished around her face as she pouted into the camera, got fans VERY excited.

A lot of people simply commented that she looked beautiful, saying “Omg blondie 😍 L O V E” and “Simply stunning, motherhood suits you 💋❤️”.

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But many others reckoned the hair colour made her look like a different person, saying “That’s never Chezza!”, “U look really different” and “Ong doesn’t even look like you😮” (sic).

Some people even suggested she looked like other people, comparing her to Katie Price (we can’t see it) and, er, some people we don’t know on Instagram.

The snap follows another picture Cheryl posted last week showing her in the back of a taxi on a date night – complete with animal filter, obvs – with boyfriend Liam.

Before that she posted a filtered bunny selfie of her on her 34th birthday.

Cheryl loves a LOL filter (Credit: Instagram)

Since Cheryl gave birth to Bear, she’s kept a low profile on social media – preferring to stay out of the limelight. But recently she seems to be upping her posts slightly.

Cheryl the bunny (Credit: Instagram/@cherylofficial)

She’s so far not shown baby Bear’s face online either, only posting a snap of him being cradled by Liam when he was first born.

Liam recently posted a picture of him and Bear in matching trainers, captioning it “Like father like son.❤️#yeezy #fatherandson”.

Cheryl’s happy social media snaps appear to quash reports in this week’s Closer that their relationship was feeling the strain of their ten year age gap.

But one person around her is definitely on the young side – baby Bear! (Credit: Instagram)

“It’s got to the point where Cheryl’s having to pull Liam on lots of things,” a source told the magazine.

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“Pals are concerned the age gap may be starting to show.’

Er, not in this picture, guys. She looks about 22.

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