Thanksgiving: Celebrities show their fans how they celebrate!

Food, food, AND more food!

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The stars are getting ready to tuck into turkey and pumpkin pie as Thanksgiving gets under way and nobody is more excited than the Kardashian clan, who will celebrate the holiday at Kylie’s house.

In honour of the big day, the hostess shared this amazing throwback pic of the sisters and brother Rob and everybody looks sooooo different.

She captioned the pic: “Us at thanksgiving dinner tomorrow like…”

Celebrities have been prepping for the big day and showing their fans what they’re up to on this amazing holiday.

Singer Hilary Duff posted this super cute Christmassy snap of her and her family with the caption: “A little holiday spirit”

What a perfect Christmas card!

Gwyneth Paltow also took the time to post the most adorable photo of ex husband and son Moses saying: “Here is to reunions, togetherness, family, and love love love. Happy thanksgiving eve, everyone. Love, gp”

The conscious uncoupling most certainly worked because she is most certainly very friendly with Chris Martin still!

Chef Gordon warned his twitter following not to “dry out that bird”.

The Jackson family are also looking forward to the celebration as they reunited for the occasion.

Paris shared snaps of her family gathering on Instagram, including with her brother Prince and their grandmother Katherine.

Kate Hudson is making us so very jealous while she makes some tasty-looking pies!

She wrote: “And so we begin….! #Thanksgiving2016 #LoveMyPies”

Gotta love that turkey emoji!

Talking of turkey’s, rocker Ozzy Osbourne chose to wish his followers a great day by posting a photo of the young singer holding a turkey that’s smoking!

As you do…

British chef Jamie Oliver posted a pic of his book to Twitter and said that he was making mac ‘ cheese.


Jennifer Lopez was also getting in the holiday spirit as she captioned this photo: “Getting things ready for #Thanksgiving… So much to be grateful for!!! #alwaysbethankful”

Prince Harry’s gorgeous girlfriend Meghan Markle also revealed the pressure is on for her to deliver in the kitchen as she prepared for the special day while Harry is on a royal tour of the Caribbean.

She captioned the shot: “Oh, that time I roasted a pretty perfect Thanksgiving turkey! The question is, can I do it again? The pressure is on! #thanksgiving #letthebriningbegin #turkey.”

Meanwhile Chrissy Teigen proved her prowess in the kitchen as she whipped up some deviled eggs for the family feast. Oh we just love her…

Happy Thanksgiving y’all!

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