Teen who was caught up in Grenfell Tower fire explains she took GCSE exam after escaping flat

Ines Alves lived in Grenfell Tower block

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16-year-old Ines Alves, who was caught up in the Grenfell Tower fire, explained why she went straight to her Chemistry GCSE exam after escaping the burning building with her family.

Despite losing their 13th floor flat Ines was determined to sit the exam and made her way to the school just hours after the blaze.

Ines, her parents and brother Tiago managed to get out of the tower block after her dad, Miguel, noticed smoke coming from the fourth floor and they quickly fled.

Ines and her family managed to escape the building shortly after the fire broke out (Credit: ITV)

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Speaking on ITV’s This Morning about her decision to sit the exam Ines explained: “I want to take chemistry for A-level and needed good grades in science.

“It’s my strongest science, so I thought it was worth doing it rather than not doing it.

“The fire was always on my mind, but the exam was a way of escaping it and not thinking about it.”

She added: “I put on my jeans and a top and just grabbed by phone and chemistry notes. I was trying to revise while we waited downstairs as we thought it was a small fire at first but it was impossible.

“Considering what had happened I think the exam went ok.”

The student was joined by her brother Tiago (Credit: ITV)

Tiago joined his sister on the famous sofa as he told hosts Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford: “There are no words to describe what she did.

“I told dad to call into school but she persevered and she’d been revising and making notes for ages.

“We knew she really wanted to do this.”

The family lost everything they had in the tragedy but Ines and Tiago admitted they just felt “lucky” to have survived.

Speaking about their current living situation, Ines revealed: “At the moment we’re at a friends house.

The teen explained that she went straight to her GCSE exam after fleeing the building (Credit: ITV)

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“They’re being really supportive and helping us out. We have everything we need but we’re just waiting until we get a semi-permanent home. We’d lived there 11 years.”

Fans were in complete admiration for the teen with one writing on Twitter: “Wow how proud would you be if you were the parents of these kids on #ThisMorning #GrenfellFire.”

“This brother and sister are so amazing, they’ve lost their home too but encourage helping others more. I’m welling up #ThisMorning,” another added.

A third tweeted: “Total admiration for the brother & sister who escaped the #Grenfell fire and consider themselves “lucky”. #ThisMorning.”

A fourth said: “#thismorning hope Ines will pass her exam.”

The fire has already claimed 17 lives so far but it’s been reported that the amounts of deaths could be in the 100s.

In the early hours of Wednesday morning the fire ripped through the flats leaving many residents unable to escape.

One local, Samira Lamrani, described witnessing the heartbreaking scenes where she saw a woman throw her baby from the “ninth or tenth floor”.

She said: “A woman was gesturing like she was about to throw her baby and if somebody could catch the baby.

“A gentlemen ran forward and managed to grab the baby.”

She added: “From all angles people were screaming for help.”