EastEnders SPOILER: Linda gets her cancer test results

But will she open up to Mick?

Linda Carter has an oncology appointment in EastEnders next week, which should be able to tell her if she is clear from cancer or not.

Linda and Mick have their first counselling session (Credit: BBC)

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But will the landlady finally summon up the courage to tell her husband, Mick, what she’s been going through over the past few months?

Well, as the couple prepare to attend their first counselling session and Mick seems so focused on getting their marriage back on track, it’s not looking likely.

With Linda’s mind elsewhere after receiving a reminder about the appointment, it comes across that she isn’t as into the session as Mick is.

While he doesn’t know what’s really on his wife’s mind, will Mick think that Linda’s disinterest means she isn’t bothered about making things work between them?

Jack ends up going with Linda to get her results (Credit: BBC)

Rather than using the counselling session as an opportunity to come clean, Linda stays quiet and it’s Jack Branning who ends up going to the hospital with her.

Erm…is everyone ok with this?

Meanwhile, Mick has arranged a holiday for them, but with the weight of the appointment on her mind, Linda can’t get excited about it.

And while we can’t tell you what Linda hears at the hospital, we can say that the weight of her secret becomes too much and she ends up breaking down in the cafe.

Kathy Beale is on hand to comfort Linda, who opens up to her about her past – and her present.

Will Kathy be able to convince L to talk to Mick?

Linda breaks down in front of Kathy (Credit: BBC)

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Or will Mick work out all by himself that things aren’t quite right with his missus?

And, more to the point, where is this sudden friendship with Jack heading? HMMM??

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