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EastEnders tease details of disaster week episodes

The explosion is going to rock Walford

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Earlier this week we revealed EastEnders were planning a huge gas explosion in the Square that will change the face of Walford forever.

We knew no details, apart from the fact at least one major character was set to die.

But now the soap has teased more information of what we can expect from the big week of episodes – including when they’ll be on.

The incident WILL take place at the Walford in Bloom event, which has been so talked about recently.

Linda is getting stuck in to the Walford in Bloom event (Credit: BBC)

Jane Beale, Stacey Fowler, Denise Fox, and Linda Carter in particular have been putting all of their efforts into the competition and at first we thought it might be another long drawn out saga with no climax like the bins.

But it seems bosses have much bigger things planned as the huge stunt will see so many regulars gathered in one place, putting many lives at risk.

The cafe has exploded before (Credit: BBC)

Now the show has revealed the action will kick off on Monday, September 4.

Digital Spy reports that the first episode guide suggests that Max fears someone knows his secret – does that mean he has to act quickly by causing the explosion?

Disaster apparently strikes on Tuesday, September 5, and that’s the same day that the pressure gets too much for Steven – does he cause the explosion to draw attention away from himself and his big brain tumour lie?

Lives will be handing in the balance by Thursday, September 7, and tragedy is about to strike for one family on Friday, September 8.

So it sounds like Max Branning and Steven Beale WILL play a big part in these episodes.

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Steven’s brain tumour lie has annoyed fans, but will he die? (Credit: BBC)

Steven’s storyline is one of the plots that is set to be wrapped up in these episodes. Actor Aaron Sidwell is leaving the show and this will be his exit.

However, it’s unclear whether or not he will be the one to die in the blast.

It’s also set to expose Max Branning’s revenge plot, but is he the one behind the explosion? Blowing up the whole Square and completely destroying the entire community would certainly play into his hands to raze Walford to the ground.

Max’s revenge plot looks set to be exposed – hopefully that means it’ll be over (Credit: BBC)

And he did make that very foreboding comment months ago when he met The Chairman for the first time and we heard Max say he didn’t care about The Vic and to “let it burn”. Sounds like that’s exactly what he’s going to do.

The explosion is also an explanation for the ambulance crash featuring Johnny and Linda Carter. Speculation is already rife that it could be Johnny who dies – is Mick set to lose everything?

The Carters are also in the thick of it when they’re involved in an ambulance crash (Credit: BBC)

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After the disappointing bus crash earlier this year, and the chip shop crash when a drugged up Michelle Fowler drove into Ian Beale’s business, viewers were annoyed no one ended up dying.

However this promises to be on a much bigger scale and with at least one death seemingly confirmed, it looks like EastEnders is entering autumn with a bang.

A source told The Sun: “It’s a bold stunt and has taken months of planning.

“It’ll trigger a load of other storylines off the back of it, but the explosion itself will be a major talking point.

“Viewers will be left wondering whether it was set off on purpose or by accident, and bosses are staying tight-lipped about who will die, but at least one is looking like they will.

“Fans will be hoping it’s not one of their favourites who is being killed off.”

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