Tearful Carol Vorderman reveals she was suicidal during depression

The former Countdown star broke down in tears on Lorraine

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Carol Vorderman has admitted that she was suicidal when battling menopausal depression.

The much-loved presenter said that she might not be here now if it wasn’t for her two children.

She credits them as being the only reason that she made it to the other side.

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Carol, 56, had a six-month battle in 2015, and explained that it was the menopause that brought it on.

Opening up to Lorraine on Wednesday, the I’m A Celebrity star said: “I didn’t have any other symptoms that a lot of my friends have had with the menopause – I was just getting on with it and powering on, and then this depression hit me, and I don’t use the word depression lightly.

“This was a blackness where I would wake up – nothing else in my life was going wrong – I’m a very lucky woman, no money worries or nothing like that – and I would wake up and I thought, “I don’t see the point in carrying on. I just don’t see the point in life. I don’t see it.”

The star was unable to pinpoint why she was feeling so down.

“I just thought, ‘I just want this feeling to stop, I’d do anything for this feeling to stop because I can’t sort it’. And this went on for a number of months”, she added.

Devastatingly, when Lorraine asked her what would have happened if she hasn’t sought treatment, Carol responded: “I suspect we wouldn’t be talking today.”

Carol has now been seeing a professor that deals with bio-identical hormones and says that she hasn’t “felt that way” since.

Her admission sparked a mass conversation on mental health and menopause-related depression on Twitter.

One said: “bless your a lovely lady am goin threw the same as you its not nice please take this we can fight it together ur not alone x [sic]”

Another said: “@carolvorders is the 1st person I’ve heard say ‘There was no reason for my depression’ – The most important thing #MentalHealthAwarnessWeek [sic]”.

Another viewer replied, and thanked the NHS for their help: “#Mentalhealth can be so debilitating, & the daily fight is a lonely one. #JustTalk helped me so much, Thank you NHS”.

Carol, who is very active on Twitter, has taken the time to respond to messages regarding their own mental health battles.

Carol is currently looking after her mum, who is suffering from terminal cancer, and added: “I’ve been fed up, and obviously at the moment my mum is not well so I’m upset.

“But there is a reason for all of those things whereas before there was no reason for it and it was absolutely, categorically to do with hormones.”

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