Tara Palmer-Tomkinson predicted her own death and had ‘no fears’

She opened up to a friend about her own mortality

Tragic socialite Tara Palmer-Tomkinson apparently predicted her own death and wasn’t scared of the end of her life.

She was battling a brain tumour and was apparently very thin when she passed away in the week.

One of her closest friends, Kirsty Shaw-Rayner, has spoken out about Tara’s prophecy.

Kirsty revealed to the Sunday Mirror what Tara said when she was visited by the reality star, as she lay in hospital while recovering from an operation.

She said that Tara admitted: “It comes to all of us – I’ve accepted that.”

The 45-year-old was found dead at her home in the week after allegedly battling a drug addiction for many years.

Kirsty has credited Tara with helping her recover after visiting her in intensive care.

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A source spoke to the Sunday Mirror: “Tara hadn’t spoken to Kirsty for a long time but she came to see her when she knew how ill she was.

“The visit was completely unexpected. She was by her bedside trying to cheer Kirsty up.”

The source continued: “But Tara didn’t look well at all, she was very, very skinny and there was clearly something not right but she was being incredibly brave and putting others before herself.

“There was only one moment when she was talking about her life and she said: ‘Death comes to all of us, I’ve accepted that. It’s all about the journey you choose to take. That’s the only thing you can control’.

“Tara was very concerned and worried about things, but she didn’t go on about her own problems. That was what she was like, very selfless. She was tired of being the victim.

“She didn’t want to be a burden to pals so she turned to alternative therapists and in the last couple of months she was in touch with a spiritual healer and a pyschic.”

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The source added: “Towards the end she had a lot of self hate and anxiety. She got it into her head that people had been using her.

“Everyone wanted to be part of the Tara party and when she realised some people were using her, that was very harsh.

“The realisation she was growing up hit her hard. She didn’t get married or have children, which was very sad. She was turning to these therapies for support.”

The source also revealed: “Tara avidly read poetry and found a lot of solace in it.”