Tamzin Outhwaite baffles fans over unfortunate incident with a cucumber!

It left many confused!

Tamzin Outhwaite is about to make a big New Year return to EastEnders, but she is a very long way from Walford in real life.

The soap favourite has been sharing seriously envy inducing shots of herself in somewhere incredibly exotic looking.

It seems the blonde beauty is preparing both her mind and body for a production and positive 2018…

Jealous, anyone?! (Credit: Instagram TO)

The mum of two captioned this shot of herself floating in the clearest of blue waters: “Bringing the New Year in like…

“Without doubt THE Most wonderful NYE I have ever had. Happy new year to you all.”

Wowsers, what a lucky lady. But she does appreciate how fortunate she is.

Tam captioned another divine image: “I will never take how lucky I am for granted.”

It’s a long way from Walford (Credit: Instagram TO)

And she’s been busting out some impressive yoga moves.

Can’t see her doing this downward dog in Albert Square! (Credit: Instagram TO)

The 47-year-old actress did manage to baffle some of her Instagram followers with one of her posts, though, exclaiming: “Just got back from a dip in here where I was squirted by a sea cucumber…. mad experience.”

The curious incident of the soap star and the sea creature (Credit: Instagram TO)

One cheeky fan asked: “Is that a euphemism??”

Another said: “There’s worse things to be squirted with on a Sunday morning!”

A third joked: “That sounds wrong on so many levels!”

A further follower was probably all of us, admitting: “I had to Google what this was 🤣🤣 it’s probably good luck.”

For anyone still in the dark, a sea cucumber is a marine animal and we think Tamzin is referring to their defence mechanism which involves spraying out their intestines to warn off prey.

But, y’know, we aren’t David Attenborough, so don’t take it as gospel…

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