Holly Willoughby takes cheeky swipe at Piers Morgan

The This Morning star appeared on Monday's show

Holly Willoughby stopped by Monday’s Good Morning Britain to discuss her upcoming projects.

But during the chat, Holly, 37, saw the perfect opportunity to take a cheeky swipe at Piers Morgan by telling Susanna Reid she “feels sorry” for her having to work with Piers!

Piers, Susanna, Charlotte were discussing the recent nappy consent debate.

Holly took a cheeky swipe at Piers (Credit: ITV)

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Last week, sexuality expert Deanne Carson said that parents should ask their babies for consent before changing their nappies.

Weighing in on the debate, Holly – who is a mum of three – said: “I think you’ve got to start with the assumption that we’re not all going to molest our children.

“It’s got to come from that place of love, which is a natural thing. I think it’s good to talk to your baby while you change the nappy, it makes that connection.”

Meanwhile, Charlotte said she’s not in favour of asking for consent, but said: “There was something in that respecting someone’s body. Saying I’m changing your nappy rather than grabbing them and just changing.”

Piers was quick to give his opinion on the debate (Credit: ITV)

As Piers and Charlotte started to argue about their different opinions, Susanna attempted to end the debate, saying: “Anyway Holly…”

Holly chimed in: “I feel sorry for [Susanna]! I watch all the time and I look at Susanna’s little face! It’s so unfair.”

Charlotte added: “That pained look,” as Holly said: “It is! Yes, all the time!”

“It’s actually a look of adoration,” Piers told Holly. “She hides it well.”

“I’m not sure it is Piers! You’re wrong!” Holly replied.

Holly said she felt sorry for Susanna for having to work with Piers (Credit: ITV)

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Earlier on in the show, Piers clashed with Deanne, after she suggested parents should ask their baby for consent before changing their nappy.

“My approach to responsible parenting is come here, dirty nappy, boom, change,” Piers argued.

“Your way is… I’m going to be the father. You’re one of my children. So you’re three months old and don’t speak a word of anything. You gurgle, you break wind.”

Playing the role as a father, Piers asked Deanne: “I would like to change your nappy,” to which Deanne, who was playing the role as a baby, responded with a facial expression.

Deanne told Piers: “That was momentary relaxation,” leaving Piers very confused.

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