Take That reveal REAL reason Jason Orange left the band

They tried to convince him to stay

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Take That have revealed exactly why Jason Orange left the band back in 2014.

The band, which currently consists of Gary Barlow, Howard Donald and Mark Owen, have opened up about his departure and said that they would love to have Jason and Robbie Williams back at some point.

When asked by The Sun what actually happened, Owen replied: “[Shakes his head] I don’t think there’s a reason. It’s quite simple: he doesn’t want to do it.

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“It’s not like he has a bad ankle, that would be easier. It’s his choice and we’ve got to respect that. We tried our best to convince him. We’re still in contact.

“We always try to keep him involved in everything that we do to some extent, so he knows what our plans are. Every now and again we drop into conversation: “Hey, do you fancy coming back next year?”

Gary, 46, has also made sure that it wasn’t as messy as Robbie’s messy departure in 1995, and said it’s an “open door” for both members.

“We’ve had that before [when things didn’t end well with Robbie] and we’ll do anything not to go there again. It has been left on a good note and it’s an open door for Jay and Rob.

“This band is for us all to come and go as we please.”

We certainly saw that when the Let Me Entertain You singer joined his pals for a special performance of The Flood on BBC’s Let It Shine.

And wasn’t it good to see him join them on stage!

The Back For Good group have also said that they almost changed their band’s name completely.

When Robbie returned to the band back in 2010 for a brief stint, they were working under the name The English because they didn’t want to “insult” their fans.

Gary said: “You’ve always got to remember what you mean to people and we constantly underestimate that.

“Even when we were bringing Rob back and becoming a five-piece, he was very sensitive to it.

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“He thought we should be called something else and was like: ‘I don’t want to insult Take That fans.’

“For a while we called ourselves The English and then we were like: ‘What are we doing?'”

Yes boys, we definitely prefer Take That.