Take Me Out contestant’s “awkward” blunder leaves viewers stunned

Viewers were stunned by his confession

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Take Me Out was full of controversy last night after one contestant’s vile manners put their date off, and another revealed he’d turned off the wrong light.

Jonny from Leeds came onto the show dressed in tight-fitting white jeans and a grey turtle neck. He oozed confidence as he danced his way down and eyed up the 30 ladies standing before him.

He told how he was a hopeless romantic and he was really and truly looking for love.

After winning them over and bagging himself a date, Jonny had to narrow it down to just two girls. He took his time turning off the lights and ended up being left with Gillian and Gracey.

He asked the remaining two to give him their bests sales’ pitch and after Gillian declared: “I’m Gillian and I’m one in a million,” Jonny picked her.

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But there was something about his expression as he hugged her that said he wasn’t all that pleased with his choice…

At first it seemed as if it was because she was so over-excited by the whole experience he was a little overwhelmed by her.

As he carried her down the stairs when they went off stage, it looked a little more hopeful. Until he dropped the bombshell:

“I accidentally turned Rebecca’s light off, she was my type of girl,” he revealed in his VT.

“I’d love to share a bottle of wine with her one night.”

Fortunately, Gillian wasn’t in earshot at the time, but once she finds out what he said, she’ll surely be crushed.

Viewers couldn’t believe his mistake and went on Twitter to express how “awkward” they found it. Many called Jonny names too rude to print.

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But Jonny might just get his wish to share a drink with Rebecca – she was later chosen by BMXer Declan.

So that means Jonny and Rebecca will be sharing a villa on Fernandos – will he try his luck? Fans thought it was a big coincidence that she was picked to go the same week.

“Should be interesting with Rebecca going to Fernandos the same time as the guy from Leeds,” wrote one.

“Ooh Rebecca had better watch out for that other letch in Fernandos who chose Gillian,” added another.

Will Jonny realise Gillian’s the one for him? Or is he going to make a play for Rebeccca after all?

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