Take Me Out contestant slammed for ‘vile’ behaviour

Fans were disgusted by the way New Zealand-born Nick behaved on his date

When Take Me Out contestants Nick and Katy-Jay went for their romantic meal on the Isle of Fernandos, it was clear that that Nick was lacking some basic table manners.

New Zealander Nick repeatedly burped throughout the meal, much to his date’s disgust.

“So he burped when we were sat mid meal and he is belching out loud,” she said.

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Blue-haired Katy-Jay described him as being “gross, disgusting, vile.”

Nick didn’t quite grasp the problem. “A girl has to be able to take a burp or two hanging out with me because I just can’t help myself,” he said.

He was also reportedly wearing dirty clothes.

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Fans didn’t agree with his defence of his behaviour. “What a total tool that #Nick is #TakeMeOut,” wrote one.

Another simply wrote: “AWKWARD!!!!.”

“That Nick guy makes me angry,” wrote another, adding that he “does not have any respect for women.”

The official Take Me Out Twitter account wrote: “Fernando’s dating guide #9. DON’T burp in your date’s face… #TakeMeOut.”

Nick and Katy-Jay’s date was perhaps doomed from the start – he was headbutted by a camel while trying to take a selfie.

“Let’s hope his date likes him more than his camel does,” quipped one viewer. Unfortunately, that was not to be.

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