Take Me Out contestant reduced to tears

A double rejection proved to be too much for emotional George

After facing a double rejection on the Isle of Fernandos, contestant George was reduced to tears on last night’s Take Me Out: The Gossip.

George, from Surrey, had been desperately trying to make his date with Hannah a success during their night out. But after she turned him down, he tried his luck with blue-haired Katy-Jay.

Katy-Jay also turned him down – despite having had a disastrous date with Nick.

As he and Katy-Jay sat down together, he said: “Can I steal a kiss?”

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She quickly told him to “stop it”.

He asked her: “You’re way too sensible, aren’t you?”

George said to the cameras: “I’m a bit upset with myself. I’ve just kind of blown it, haven’t I?”

He then walked away. “I think I’m going to burst into tears here,” he said.

Speaking to hosts Mark Wright and Laura Jackson, George later admitted: “I’m a very emotional guy these days.”

He also confessed to leaving drunken voicemails for Hannah. “She told me to stop texting her in the end,” he said.

George had chosen Hannah as his date because she is “gorgeous and my height”.

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He won more fans on Twitter however. “Oh George I do love you,” wrote one viewer.

“George is absolutely hilarious!” wrote another. “Had me in stitches.”

“I actually love George,” added another. “How is he single?!”

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