symptoms of covid - sore eyes

Symptoms of COVID: Sore and itchy eyes could be sign of virus, expert warns

The main symptoms are a fever, dry cough and loss of smell or taste

More COVID-19 symptoms have emerged throughout the pandemic and experts have warned about the latest.

The most common symptoms are a fever, a dry cough and a loss of smell and/or taste.

However, there is now a less known symptom which experts have warned people should look out for – sore and itchy eyes.

new symptoms of covid - sore eyes
Sore and itchy eyes could be another COVID symptom (Credit: Shutterstock)

Symptoms of COVID: Sore and itchy eyes

A recent study, published in BMJ Open Ophthalmology, found that having sore eyes was a symptom in coronavirus patients.

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Meanwhile, researchers from Anglia Ruskin University studied data from 83 patients.

After finding the most reported symptoms were dry cough, fever, fatigue and loss of smell and taste, 18 per cent had suffered from photophobia – finding light sensitive.

symptoms of Covid - dry cough
A dry cough and fever are more common symptoms of COVID (Credit: Pexels)

In addition, 17 per cent had itchy eyes and 16 per cent had sore eyes.

81 per cent of those studied had reported to have experienced the eye symptoms within two weeks of others.

What did experts say about the new possible symptoms?

Meanwhile, professor Shahina Pardhan, director of the vision and eye research unit at the Anglia Ruskin University School of Medicine, led the study.

Speaking to The Sun, she said: “The most significant ocular symptom experienced by people suffering from Covid-19 was sore eyes.

coronavirus uk
Coronavirus has affected millions worldwide (Credit: Unsplash)

“Other symptoms associated with other types of conjunctivitis, such as mucous discharge and gritty eyes linked to bacterial infection, did not reach significance.

“The term ‘conjunctivitis’ is too broad and should be used with caution.”

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However, the official NHS list of symptoms doesn’t include eye problems.

In addition, the College of Optometrists and The Royal College of Ophthalmologists insist it’s not likely patients would develop red eyes without other more common coronavirus symptoms.

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