Sworn CBB enemies to battle it out in a boxing ring

Heavy D claims Lewis Bloor is fat-shaming him...

Heavy D has furiously hit back at ex-TOWIE star Lewis Bloor for allegedly fat-shaming him.

“Lewis is supposed to be a personal trainer and he’s telling me: ‘Lay off the Twixes, fat boy!’” said the Storage Hunters UK star.

“He’s not a nice person, I’ve tried to keep a dignified silence but I have to speak out.

“There are young people looking up to Lewis and they think he’s a role model and they might copy his behaviour.”

His remarks came following an interview that Lewis gave to the Sun Online. The former Celebrity Big Brother co-stars will be going head to head in a charity boxing match next Friday.

The bout, which has been organised by EastEnders star Jake Wood and retired boxer Spencer Oliver, will take place at the Grange City Hotel, London.

Lewis told the Sun: “He seems to hate me. I just think he’s a bit sad. I mean you can’t really take someone like that seriously.

“He messaged me when we came out of CBB asking how to get followers on Instagram, which I ignored. Then he resorted to calling me out for a boxing match.”

Lewis is confident of success and has trained every day for the past two weeks. “He’s a big boy, so I just need to stick to my game plan and set the pace I want to fight at,” he said.

Fans can’t wait to see the rivals face up to each other. “Lewis bloor vs heavy D is gunna be the highlight of my weekend,” wrote one.

Heavy D, whose real name is Colin Newell, wrote: “Tell your friends! Tell your neighbours! The #FightoftheCentury is ON!! BOOOOOOOOOM!! #HeavyVLewis.”

The larger-than-life character has an even bigger event to look forward to. The 43-year-old is expecting a baby with his girlfriend, Bryony Anne Harris, a 21-year-old YouTube presenter.

“The age difference isn’t a problem – love conquers all,” he wrote. “I’m young at heart! I have loads of energy and enthusiasm, nobody thinks I’m 43. Age is just a number, boom!”