Richard Madeley and Susanna Reid on GMB

Susanna Reid stunned as Richard Madeley comments on her weight loss

He said she looked amazing!

Susanna Reid was left speechless as Richard Madeley pointed out her incredible weight loss on Wednesday’s Good Morning Britain.

Opening the show, Richard – who was filling in for Piers Morgan – was quick to compliment Susanna, 47, on the amount of weight she’s lost since he was last on the show.

But it seems Susanna wasn’t quite expecting his comment as she looked visibly stunned.

Richard complimented Susanna on her weight loss (Credit: ITV)

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Richard told viewers: “Well good morning, it’s just gone 6 o’clock and welcome to the programme, it’s nice to be back.”

Susanna said: “It’s great to have you back.”

Turning to Susanna, Richard added: “Haven’t you lost some weight since I was last here!”

Clearly stunned by his remark, Susanna’s eyes widened as she giggled.

Susanna was left stunned by Richard’s comment (Credit: ITV)

Richard quickly said: “I’m just saying you look amazing!” to which Susanna replied: “Thank you very much, you’re very kind.”

Richard asked: “Was it hard work?”

A flustered Susanna replied: “I just stopped eating so much. It was sort of straightforward. I did fall off the wagon and Richard Arnold said, ‘Yay, she’s back on the sauce!'”

Susanna insisted she’s still given up alcohol and said she tends not to talk about her weight.

Richard Madeley and Susanna Reid on GMB
Susanna said she lost weight by stopping eating so much and giving up booze (Credit: ITV)

She then pointed out that Richard was sporting a slightly fuller stubble.

In September, Susanna revealed she had lost one stone over the summer since she’s stopped drinking alcohol.

Her co-star Piers said on the show: “We’ve got a reaction to Susanna’s revelation that she is on a dry September.

“Judy in Richmond says Susanna Reid looks like she’s lost four pounds,” before correcting the viewer, adding: “It’s actually 12 pounds, since she stopped drinking.”

piers and susanan on gmb
Susanna revealed her incredible weight loss as she returned from her summer break in September (Credit: ITV)

However, Susanna then mouthed to the camera that she has actually lost 14 pounds.

Piers asked Susanna: “How much have you lost now?” to which she replied: “A stone.”

Clearly stunned by Susanna’s achievement, Piers said: “Oh blimey!”

Susanna Reid at
Susanna lost a stone over the summer (Credit: Wenn)

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During another episode of the show later in the month, Susanna revealed she had been told by her doctor that she would benefit from losing a bit of weight.

Speaking about why she chose to lose weight, she told Piers: “It was a combination of factors, but a doctor said I was at the top end of my BMI.

“He said it might benefit me if I lost a little weight.”

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