Susanna Reid shows viewers what’s under her dress on Good Morning Britain

Piers Morgan said she was "basically naked"

Susanna Reid flashed a bit of flesh on Tuesday’s instalment of Good Morning Britain.

The yummy mummy-of-three showed off the low back-line of her pretty dress to the viewers.

Her team struggled to cover all of the microphone wires that have to be attached to her every morning.

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It was co-host Piers Morgan that wanted everybody to get a closer eye at her “weird” look.

Forcing her to get up and show everybody, he said: “Talking of weird dresses, can you just turn around a bit?”

The 46-year-old stood up and said: “I’m dressed as some sort of cyborg, not because it’s a flowery dress, from the front I’m a woman but from the back you can see…”

Not able to show the viewers what she was talking about as everything was covered up, a very kind Piers gave her a hand and pulled her dress down.

He said: “I’ve been looking at this. You’re basically naked with a bit of cloth”.


Earlier in the show, Piers got into a very cheeky mood when they cut to Lorraine Kelly right before her show was about to come on.

Susanna commented on what a lovely dress she had on, but the Scottish host lifted one of her legs up to show that it was in fact a jumpsuit.

“Look at that! Ooh, easy tiger,” Piers then said.

Lorraine fired back: “Steady! Behave yourself.”

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The 52-year-old teased her and suggested she give him a “raunchy strip tease”.

A giggly Lorraine replied: “Oh behave, that’s later, you know I don’t do these things in public!”.

Realising what he actually said, the presenter then added: “It’s a bit early for all this. I must have some more bromide in my tea.”

Yes, calm down, Piers!