Susanna Reid admits how she really feels about co-host Piers Morgan

It was about time she came out with the truth!

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Piers Morgan is not exactly everybody’s favourite person and tends to rub people up the wrong way.

His Good Morning Britain co-host Susanna Reid has to deal with him every day and the pair have a somewhat awkward on-screen relationship.

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Viewers have to watch Piers make inappropriate comments and then get the dreaded death stare from Susanna.

The loud-mouthed journo recently took control of Susanna’s Twitter account and wrote: “I LOVE Piers Morgan. There. I’ve finally admitted it.”

Asked if there was any truth in the post, she laughed: “According to Piers, writing my tweets, then it’s official.

“So, I think you can probably not count that as official.”

The brunette beauty spoke to OK! Online to dish the hurt on how she really feels: “He’s a very naughty man.”

The stunning presenter has got everything off her chest and refers to the term “love-hate relationship”.

“I do say that about Piers – it’s the first time I’ve ever understood that phrase.

“I both love him and hate him at the same time.”

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The frenemies appeared on the Christmas special of Celebrity Juice last week and Susanna was left completely red-faced.

Keith Lemon was being Keith Lemon and pulled up a variety of photocopied body parts which he joked were from Good Morning Britain’s Christmas party.

He then showed a woman’s bum, claiming it was Kate Garraway, and then a penis who he said was Ben Shephard’s!

Susanna, who was dressed as Snow White for the episode, just covered her mouth in shock but then couldn’t stop laughing.

On the show, she was on the opposite team to Piers and was loving the fact they weren’t sharing a sofa for once!

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